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Patient Directed Orthodontic Treatments

Traditional orthodontic dentistry, it's basic principles and the popular options we provide for many of our patients is discussed in detail elsewhere on our website (Orthodontics).

Patient Directed Orthodontics

More and more adults, older adults, are now seeking orthodontic treatment plans at a near unprecedented rate.

Factors of convenience, comfort, cosmetic outcomes and, now, speed and completeness of treatment are major considerations for older adults.

Representative Case Study

Business activities prevents routine ortho
Patient seeks candidacy for hybrid treatments

Our Invisalign product line provides a treatment choice for many adults .... but, we have discovered, not for all. Invisalign Clear Aligners, while providing the comfort and invisability feature that made it famous nonetheless incorporates treatment time frames that exceed what some adults want.

Dr. Nazarian's accelerated orthodontic treatments successfully collapse ortho treatment plans that are routinely completed in 6 months or less.

More Demand: Combining Newer Technologies for Increased Options

Advancements in porcelain laminates, bonding chemistry and orthodontic appliances have enabled more adult patients to have an active role in defining how long treatment will last.

Corporate exexcutives, college and university professors, international sales executives and active intrepreneurs represent a patient population that has created the demand for making the best and most efficient use of burgeoning product developments within the field of Dentistry.

Common conditions of overbite, faulty alignment and bad bite (malocclusion) can now be corrected in time frames of less than 2 months for some patients (see sidebar case study).

Invisible ortho brackets, ultra thin nickel titanium memory wires and unique treatment protocols play a part in ortho treatments that have the popular cosmetic appeal of clear aligners.

Tooth rotations, resizing, pull-downs, enamel resurfacing, diastema gaps, smile line modifications (biting edges of upper arch teeth) and bite corrections are corrected with a variety of technologies simultaneously rather than sequentially.

Gone are the days of needing cosmetic retreatments after orthodontic straightening or realignment have been completed.

The common problems of enamel calcification caused by old fashioned metal orthodontic brackets is a non event with Dr. Nazarian's treatment programs.

The extra costs associated with polishing off or veneering teeth that have accumulated extreme calcium disfiguring of healthy tooth enamel simply do not occur.

For those patients who are ideal candidates for Dr. Nazarian's hybrid treatment options, the results are very dramatic.

Who Is a Candidate?

Not all patients can be candidates for Dr. Nazarian's hybrid rapid ortho treatments.

Some orthodontic conditions may not respond (in terms of synchronization) as well as other more common ortho conditions to the special technology combinations created and implemented during the treatment plan.

Consults are available to help patients with special treatment interests to investigate the treatment options that are now available with the use of leading edge technologies.

Our patients are discovering that modern dentistry offers more than what can be imagined when considering conventional orthodontic treatment programs.

Now..... more than ever... ortho patients can take an active role in directing the progress of treatments that were once assumed to require a minimum of 18 to 24 months....or more.

(See more adult ortho pictures here)


Contact Dr. Nazarian at (248) 457-0500 to arrange a consultation for discussing how patient managed orthodontic treatment planning can help achieve treatment results within a time frame that wasn't possible just a few years ago.

Or, you can use our on-line Ask The Troy Dentist form to send any specific questions directly to the Dr. Nazarian. He will respond to you directly with the answers you are seeking.

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Ara Nazarian, D.D.S.
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