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Reconstructive Orthodontics - Troy

Avoiding Treatment: Is It Serious?

Avoiding orthodontic treatment is quite common for middle school and high school students.

College Fast Braces
Common College Student Ortho Needs
Accelerated Ortho Candidate
Experiencing and dealing with the developmental events during that time period are difficult enough. The prospect of wearing orthodontic hardware (braces) during those early years is often too much for a young person to bear.

Most patients in that age range who are concerned about their appearance all agree that no one can look good with metal hardware attached to their teeth.

College age students and other young adults who have avoided recommended treatments in the past tend to adopt a more practical outlook on their dentition as they prepare for eventual employment or movement through higher levels of social functioning, job promotions or just being more socially active.

Common College Age Target Population

Of the entire population of orthodontic treatment "avoiders", graduating college or technical school seniors are one of the largest groups.

Typically they are preparing for employment and seek the treatment(s) they need so they can have the confidence they feel they need to not only look good... but feel good about their overall appearance and oral health.

For those students who have learned over the years to "not smile" because of poorly aligned or crooked teeth, having a great smile they will love to show off is a definite confidence builder. Employer perceptions are also different.

Competition for employment, especially, can inspire young adults to "catch up" on treatments that can assure solid self confidence. Anything that can potentially interfere with the goals that a young employment seeker has is usually dealt with in a matter-of-fact fashion.

Uneven adult bite
Orthodontics and Restorative Dentistry
Procedure Combinations
Bite problems and teeth alignment needs can typically worsen as people continue to avoid the treatments they need to normalize their dentition and bite.

The college age group of treatment "avoiders" have treatment needs that have probably increased to some extent, but are well within the ususal range of alignment and straightening treatments that aren't too difficult to implement (no tmj dysfunction, enamel damage, exposed dentin, broken teeth, etc).

Treatment Time Frame: More Critical

The normal 12 to 18 month (or more) time frame for completing standard orthodontic treatment now becomes more of an obstacle, for many patients, than before. Job seekers in particular may feel they are disadvantaged because of certain cosmetic concerns that involve their teeth or ability to smile confidently.

Custom - Personalized Orthodontic - Reconstructive Procedures

Young Adult Cosmetic Ortho Makeover
Optimized Orthodontic Correction
V Shaped Arch

Case History Example: Graduating Student

The pictures presented here are representative of many college students who become proactive in correcting orthodontic abnormalities that have significant cosmetic impact but also stabilizes conditions so future oral health is optimized.

Our 20 something year old patient completed a complete treatment program that addressed all common restorative needs (cleaning and cavity treatments with tooth colored composites) along with teeth alignment and bite plane normalization procedures that were completed in about five months.

Perfect U Shape Maxilla Arch
Optimized Orthodontic Correction
Normalized Maxillary Arch
Monitoring of teeth alignment and occlusal correction events are reviewed closely. Restorative treatments which can include a variety of cosmetic products and services are provided in a time frame and delivery sequence that eliminates unnecessary delays in the orthodontic movement of tooth structures.

For our 20 something female patient, tooth colored fillings and teeth whitening products were provided on a schedule that dovetailed with her ortho treatments.

Traditional ortho treatments would have not only required the ususal, anticpated time frame of 12 to 18 months or so of standard orthodontics, but would have required additional treatments from a restorative dentist afterwards (most orthodontists do not provide restorative - cosmetic dentistry services).

Ann Arbor Orthodontist
Mandible Alignment Issues
Avoiding the usual lengthy and traditional treatments during her pre teen and later teenager years have now created a pressing need for treatment combinations that are not normally provided by an orthodontist (cosmetic, restorative dentistry).

Based on the time frame range provided by the patient (she was a full time student at the University of Michigan) Dr. Nazarian was able to provide a chart of list of different treatments and procedure combinations using ortho principles and restorative dentistry that produced different outcomes and quality of outcomes (in terms of short term vs long term endurance) that the patient was able to select from.

Balancing Treatment Time and Enduring Outcomes

Pre Employment Cosmetics
Mandible Teeth Crowding Alignment Normalized
Our patient strived to have the best of all possible "worlds"... she wanted to play "catch up" on procedures she should/could have obtained at an earlier age that produced the cosmetic and functional outcomes appropriate for full orthodontic care... but with the advantage of completing all treatments within a time frame that corresponded with graduation an anticipated employment search activities.

For our patient, time frame was a key variable. The 2nd ranked consideration was getting the best, long term endurance from treatments that would deliver aesthetic qualities that ortho traditionally doesn't address.

Patient Defined Customization of Accelerated Ortho Alignment

The patient qualified for our 6 month ortho treatment program, based on the physical characteristics of her bite.

Troy Orthodontist
Severe Malocclusion - Bad Bite Makeover
The patient then selected specific brand name technologies to achieve specific cosmetic outcomes that provided the best promise of long term function and endurance.

The final, patient selected combinations of accelerated orthodontics, enamel surface refinishing techniques, teeth whitening and gum contouring enabled the patient to achieve the functional and cosmetic outcome she wanted... all in about 5 months.

The Makeover Experience

The adjacent full face post treatment photo says it all.

Our patient had the unique experience of having an orthodontic makeover generalize into a makeover, of sorts, of her self confidence and a new personna that will have untold benefits as she enters the job market.

(See more adult ortho pictures here)

Adult Bite Questions?

Contact Dr. Nazarian at (248) 457-0500 to arrange a consultation for determining whether you would be a good candidate for Rapid Ortho or traditional braces.

Or, you can use our on-line Ask The Troy Dentist form to send any specific questions regarding concepts discussed on this page (or any other concerns) directly to the Dr. Nazarian. He will respond to you directly with the answers you are seeking.

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