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Troy Denture Options: Standard vs Implant Supported

Diagnostic Model Tooth replacement choices become more and more varied as advancements continue to be made in modern dentistry. Especially during the past 5 to 8 years.

A standard denture for replacing upper (maxillary) or lower (mandibular) teeth is probably the most popular and most frequently requested treatment for adults.

Common Needs for Tooth Replacement

It is rare that dentures are recommended for "young" adults. Dentists typically encourage patients who seek removable teeth for "convenience reasons" to treat and conserve remaining tooth structures whenever possible. False teeth are viewed as the treatment of last resort.

Nonetheless, Dr. Nazarian can design a product with a cosmetic value that nearly matches an expensive porcelain bridge for young adults who want new teeth with the most natural appearance as possible.

Popular or frequent reasons for considering removable prosthetics:

  • Replace worn, loose painful dentures
  • Tooth loss caused by trauma
  • Severe gum disease (periodontitis)
  • Genetic factors (missing teeth, unusual decay)
  • Orthodontic abnormalities
  • Easily affordable
  • Tooth loss caused by decay
  • Bone loss prevents implants
  • Bridgework is not feasible
  • Few remaining teeth
  • Severe occlusal (bite) problems
  • Eating and chewing difficulty

Troy Denture Sources

Basic dentures can be purchased from a professionally trained dentist, clinics and denturists. As a general rule, the least expensive product is created and distributed by the least trained professional with greatest amount of automated manufacturing.

Dentists, because they focus on patients for potentially a lifetime of service and treatment, will always opt for a fabrication or manufacturing process that provides the best in function, durability and cosmetic result. Fabrication is not automated and uses premium grade prosthodontic components that offer a variety of choices in cosmetics and long term dental function. See our Cosmetic Denture page for examples of even more advanced choices.

Denturists and most clinics focus on delivering attractiveness only in pricing and speed of treatment. While some clinics can and do represent a sensible solution for patients in immediate need for convenience and cost, the durability and long term servicability is a fraction of what dentists routinely provide each and every patient.

Classic Denture Replacement Case History

Before Pic Collapsed Bite
Collapsed bite - Grandpa smile
Meet Ernie. A native of the Phillipine Islands, Ernie became a denture wearer many years too early. He has been wearing dentures for about 25 years.

Because of unusual bone density and porosity characteristics of native Filipinos and culturally defined eating habits, the maintenance of dentition requires a different type of diligence.

As with many denture wearers.... Ernie's smile behaviors changed over the years.... as his denture clinic dentures (eight years old) wore down in a very unusual fashion.

His old dentures, in fact, ... show some of the most oddball wear and tear issues we have ever seen. The adjacent close up photo shows the topsy turvy ... roller coaster contour to his upper denture.

Ugly dentures
Unusual - Impossible Occlusion

Corn Nuts - Unshelled Brazil Nuts?

One might guess that Ernie enjoyed chewing Corn Nuts, unshelled Brazil nuts or ball bearings for a treat. Frankly, no one knows for sure how or why his teeth wore down and created a wave-like occlusion.

We can only guess, from a technical standpoint, that impurities within the acrylic components wore at different rates in different areas.

Facial Aging vs Chronological Aging

The rock and roll differences in biting relationships, all across the denture, unfortunately created additional problems of accelerated bone and gum tissue loss, especially on the lower jaw. (Notice how Ernie is using his tongue to support his upper denture while smiling)

As the years went by... and the decrease in bone height and decrease in the height of his denture teeth quickly shortened... it created the condition of Collapsed Bite (loss of vertical dimension) that is responsible for why grandparents all smile alike... the so-called Granny Look

There is nothing wrong with having a granny smile... but it shouldn't occur at an early age. A collapsed vertical dimension can easily add 10 years to the perceived age of someone. Left untreated for too long, a collapsing bite can lead to TMJ and jaw pain.

When Ernie first presented in our office.... he knew he needed some changes. He was having difficulty eating many normal foods, having difficulty speaking with ease and experienced generalized gum pain with his too loose dentures.

Troy Affordable Dentures After Pic
A Dentist's Denture
Function and Cosmetics

Troy Bite and Vertical Dimension Analysis

Ernie participated in a thorough specialized Comprehensive Evaluation that is designed for current denture wearers and new denture patients.

Diagnostic stone models, articlulation studies (with an articulator) and diagnostic waxups enabled Dr. Nazarian to obtain the technical data needed to recreate denture components and characterstics that would normalize Ernie's bite.

The waxup phase provided the patient to select the style of denture teeth (compare the new denture teeth with his previous denture), the sizing and shading characteristics. Ernie was thrilled to have dentures that didn't look like a cheap imitation of a denture.

Dentures After Picture
Advanced Prosthodontic Rehabilitation
The waxup phase provided the patient the opportunity to select the style of teeth (compare the new teeth with his previous denture), the sizing and shading characteristics. Ernie was thrilled to have new prosthetics that didn't look like a cheap imitation.

Our last post op treatment photo shows the dramatic differences in Ernie's appearance. Great looking teeth that don't look like denture teeth and the brand new beginnings of a broad smile (it will take short while to deprogram facial muscles).

Notice the differences in height between the tip of his nose and chin. Upper lip support is more pronounced. The new upper denture now facilitates the natural process of lip movement when smiling.

As smiling becomes more spontaneous, Ernie's smile will return to what it once was, given his facial structure and repositioning of the lower jawbone.

One Day Treatment and Questions?

Call our office at (248) 457-0500 to schedule a consultation or use our on-line Troy Consult Request to learn more about what a Basic Denture should really offer and the wide variety of options to create rock solid fit and appearance that competes with Mother Nature.

Same day, one appointment treatment options are now available in our Troy practice for patients who want to have everything done at the same time.

Patients who have specific questions about bite collapse or occlusion are invited to contact Dr. Nazarian directly with our Ask The Troy Dentist form. Dr. Nazarian will respond to you directly with the answers or information you are seeking.

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