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Troy Jaw - Bite Reconstruction

Nobel Biocare All on Four - Six

Nobel Biocare pioneered the popular use of dental implants for teeth replacement during the mid 60's. They respectfully earned the designation of being the creators of the Gold Standard of teeth replacement.

All On Four - Six
Tooth Loss - Bone Loss Deterioration
Since those early beginnings, Nobel Biocare maintained their cutting edge research activities and have since trademarked and patented the now world famous All On Four protocol as well as the Teeth In An Hour treatment procedure.

Most Popular Teeth Replacement Option

Like many other dentists who fully support the use of Nobel Biocare products, Dr. Nazarian expanded the concept to incorporate the use of 6 dental implants whenever possible to assure the best possible bone health.

Absolutely nothing surpasses the "bone maintenance" features of dental implants. Four (4) implants are good... but 6 or even 8 provide a higher standard of care, when bone tissue conditions permit.

The patient featured here unfortunately had a history of too many untreated extractions that slowly advanced deteriorating bone tissue conditions and eventually destroyed his bite.

Tooth and Bone Loss Damage
Close Up View
The adjacent close up picture shows how the patient's bite is overclosing, causing his lower teeth to impact the soft tissues of the upper jaw.

These orthodontic issues developed as the bite dynamics changed over the years.

An occlusal view is included here to show the progression of bone loss and the breakage of additional teeth.

A small amount of Tori (exostosis) is also evident on the interior side of the upper bony ridge, routinely caused by odd biting pressures that have impacted this area of dentition.

Bone Loss causes Bad Bite
Occlusal View

21st Century Dentistry

Advanced 3D imaging and virtual treatment planning is the foundation for the world wide success of the Nobel Biocare protocol. Cone Beam Ctscans provide unsurpassed accuracy in tissue assessment and bite reconstruction dynamics.

Analytical software is used to select the best possible sites for implant selection and placements within the healthiest tissues. Tissue grafts are used as necessary, when needed, to fortify each implant location to assure that the treatment can last a lifetime.

Nobel Crown and Bridge
Titanium - Porcelain Bridge
12 Teeth Replaces 9

Idealized Balanced Bite

The creation of a full arch porcelain bridge, based on the technical data provided by the ctscan imaging, completely corrected the placement of teeth along the entire arch of teeth.

The gentle "reshaping" of the patient's bite best matched the bite dynamics of the lower jaw.

The patient's midline was corrected (line between front teeth centered beneath the nose) as well as the creation of a smile line (lower edges of upper teeth correspond with curvature of lower lip during smiling).... which the patient never had before.

Biocare Smile
Beating Mother Nature
The final cosmetic outcome shows a very broad smile that "fits" the patient's facial structure.

Questions About All On Four?

Call our office at (248) 457-0500 to schedule a consultation or use our on-line Consult Request to learn more about Nobel Biocare products and treatment protocols.

Patients who have specific questions about full arch teeth replacement and bite optimization are invited to contact Dr. Nazarian directly with our Ask The Dentist form.

Dr. Nazarian will respond to you directly with the answers or information you are seeking.

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