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College Student Dentistry - Bending the Rules

Many college students and their families are aware of some of the special needs or circumstances that can arise while young adults are in college. Especially for those who are not within commuting distance of their homes.

Before pic teenager orthodontics
Cute - Attractive Smile (at a distance), but...
Travel issues, the itinerant nature (perhaps nomadic?) of the college student lifestyle, dorm life, midterms and final exams can wreak havoc for the dental care needs we all have in terms of doing things with our oral health that our dentists want us to do.... according to a specific schedule.

Students in the midst of common ortho treatments are probably the "most aware" group of young adults whose dentition begins to deteriorate... through no fault of their own... sort of.

Lost retainers, too many missed appointments, inability to schedule sensible appointments, complications of student school and work schedules, limited funds, student financial aid changes.. amongst many many other "intervening issues" make dental care difficult, if not impossible for many students away at school.

Click here to read about delayed ortho treatments that are finally treated at college graduation age.

Proprietary Treatment Plans for College Students

Dr. Nazarian has been providing unique, individualized treatment plans for college students that enable them to obtain the basic dentistry they need (preventive - routine maintenance), orthodontic treatments and smile rehabilitation services (usually prior to graduation and impending employment) for several years.

Rapid ortho, enamel rehab, bulimia - acid erosion treatments and minimally invasive smile makeovers have been provided to the Michigan university and college student population for several years. Weekend and/or odd appointments are arranged as necessary to fit the typical student schedule.

Cosmetics and Bite Normalization for Young Adults

Many procedures in dentistry are age specific... for good reason. Growth factors certainly limit what can be done to reconstruct or restore teeth. Missing incisors, for example, can't really be treated with dental implant replacements until the patient has completed all known growth spurts that are known to affect the final stage of adult jawbone.

Orthodontic Close Up photo
Close Up Creates Self Consciousness
Dentures or fixed bridgework for "young" jaws is yet another example.

The use of porcelain veneers too, is typically "reserved" for adult patients due to the same growth factors. Teeth are moving and growing during the pre-teen and young adult years for many patients.

Orthodontics - Veneer Treatment Combo

Circumstances and needs of individual patients do arise at times that can require (optionally by patient request) the creative use of cosmetic treatment procedures that produce what a patient wants as a final cosmetic result. Treatment time is often a factor.

The adjacent picture is of a young teen aged patient who had needs for an orthodontist intervention that was compounded by a strong desire to reshape her upper, maxillary teeth.

Veneers and Orthodontic Brackets Picture
Customized Ortho - Veneer Combo
Normalized Bite Treatment
The prospect of undergoing traditional treatments by an orthodontist didn't appeal to the patient due to the traditional treatment time involved... and the expected, anticipated need to work with a cosmetic dentist who could address the issues of unwanted tooth shapes and discolorations.

Many dentists who practice orthodontics enjoy the challenges presented to them by discriminating (perhaps demanding) patients who know what they want and want things to occur within a specified time frame. This is the principle that made Invisalign Clear Aligners such a big hit... especially with older adults (no time for metal).

This young patient wanted treatments to straighten her teeth, optimize her overall occlusion and resurface - resize several teeth that she and her mother didn't think were too appealing.

Final Close up pic
Text Book Style Smile Rehabilitation
Within One Semester Time Frame
The dentist created a treatment plan that combined accelerated orthodontics and the use of porcelain veneers that could create the degree of changes the patient wanted, all within a specified time frame that was a fraction of what orthodontic treatments might require.

In the 3rd photo the patient's upper arch has been straightened via accelerated orthodontics (requiring about 6 months) that were then treated with custom porcelain veneers to create the cosmetic result she wanted, complete with a smile line that was appropriate for her facial features.

Final Orthodontic Cosmetics Photo
First Year College Student Ortho Makeover
Minimally Invasive Interruption Free Success
The 4th photo shows her lower arch continues to be under adjustment for finalizing the orthodontic alignment and tooth placement that corresponds with the physical characteristics of the upper and lower jaws.

The final close up and full face smile photos show off some great looking teeth and a smile line that exemplifies the LVI Rule of Golden Proportions.

The patient no longer has the concern of smiling too broadly and showing off ugly braces while her lower teeth continue adjusting during this final phase of straightening.

The lower teeth brackets and wires cannot be seen in her characteristic smile.

Once the lower brace is removed and teeth whitening products are used to treat coloring and possible decalcification issues that sometimes arise with bracket pads, an assessment of the need for veneers will be made.


Contact Dr. Nazarian at (248) 457-0500 to arrange a consultation for discussing treatment needs that you may need that have seemingly accumulated, over time. Get the objective information you are looking for and the opportunity to obtain treatments that you don't have to adjust your schedule for.

Or, you can use our on-line Ask The College Dentist form to send any specific questions about unusual treatment needs directly to the Dr. Nazarian. He will respond to you with the answers you are seeking.

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