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Birmingham Clawson Bloomfield Office

Birmingham Clawson Troy Best Dentist Award
Community Recognition

Troy Reconstructive Dental Implants: Before - After

Adding Bone for Simple One Tooth Replacement

Eliminate Invasive Features of 3 Unit Bridge
Too Narrow No Width Maxilla Jawbone Best Ridge Width
Click to learn about ridge splitting bone grafts

Fixing Super Erupted Teeth: Gum Disease or Malocclusion

Lower Jaw Central Anterior 4 Teeth Eruption

Bone Leveling Ridge Adjustment
Periodontitis Bad Occlusion Uneven Bony Ridge
#1-Teeth Can't Be Saved
#2-Re-level Ridge of Bone

2 immediate function implants Eruption Repaired
#3-Solid Bone for 2 Implants
#4-Regained Normal Occlusion

Implants for Denture Retention - Stabilization

Upper Jaw (Maxilla)

One Appointment Surgery Free Implants
Implants for Old Dentures Implant Denture Teeth in a Day
Extractions + Grafts Completed
One Appointment Placements
Click to learn about upper jaw denture retentiion

Lower Jaw (Mandible)

Minimally Invasive (No complex surgery) Implant Placement
Mini Implant Xray - Troy Troy Non Invasive  Implants
One Appointment Placement
Snap In Devices
Click here to learn more about mini's

Implants for Best Bite Endurance

Clear Choice for Bone - Adjacent Tooth Conservation
Trauma Tooth Loss Metal Abutments
Post Trauma Healing Completed
One Hour Implants
Click here to learn about our implant protocols

Adult Tooth Replacements for Congenitally Missing Canines

Baby Teeth Yes - Adult Secondaries No
Implants for missing teeth Metal Abutments
Perio Punch Tissue Prep
Implant Alignment Confirmation

Restorative Abutments Metal Abutments
Final Abutment Prep
Competing with Mother Nature

Maxillary Implant Fixed Bridge

Avoiding Bridge Failure due to Posterior Bite Forces

Maintain Bone - Adjacent Tooth Health
No teeth prep Perfect Implant Crowns
Visit Implant Procedure page

Molar Implants vs Root Canals and Bridgework

Smart Retreatment for Overfilled Molars and RCT Failures

Porcelain Magic: New Looks - New Life
old crowns Troy Crown replacement
Click: Doing it right the first time

Lower Jaw 8 Implant Supported Porcelain Bridge

Total Tooth Replacement Cosmetics and Bite Stabilization

Titanium - Porcelain Bridework
jaw rehab Rock solid new teeth

Implant Based Full Mouth Rehab

Full Arch Teeth Replacement

Cosmetics and Bite Reconstruction
old smile Celebrity Style Dentistry

old smile

Celebrity Style Dentistry

Implant Supported Bridge

Full Arch Teeth Replacement

Porcelain Cosmetics and Function
old smile Celebrity Style Dentistry

Dental Implant Gum Laser Procedure

Non Invasive Uncovering of Newly Osseointegrated Implants

No Cutting - No Suturing - Superb Healing
painless implant laser Self cauterizing laser Troy

painless implant laser Self cauterizing laser Troy

painless implant laser Self cauterizing laser Troy

MI Reconstructive Implant Dentistry
Ara Nazarian, D.D.S.
1857 East Big Beaver Road
Troy MI 48083
(248) 457-0500 - Fax: (248) 457-0501
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