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Troy One Appointment Dentistry

Popular Treatment Choice Option

One easy appointment
One Appointment Treatments
As outlined on our Dentistry Under One Roof page, Dr. Nazarian's ability to provide nearly any dental treatment imagineable without referring his patients to another dentist or specialist forms the core of his "one appointment dentistry" that his patients rave about.

No multiple appointments, minimizing the need to repeatedly miss work and zero appointment scheduling conflicts are popular benefits at our practice.

How We Do It

First, Dr. Nazarian's full implementation of specialized instruments and 3D diagnostic imaging eliminates outdated methods of "preparing" for treatment. Extractions, as an example.... takes minutes... instead of hours.

Perio Flap Surgery and extraction suturing, too, is completed within minutes. Tissue augmentation (grafting products) are provided simultaneously.

Bone healing and tissue regeneration is "begun" within minutes of the extractions whether for one tooth or several.

Treatment Example
One Appointment Implants
single appointment
one visit
Fixed Bridge Temporaries

No outside referrals
Fixed Bridge - Permanent Porcelain

The 3D CTscan reveals what is needed... what isn't.... and more importantly, what treatments to avoid. The efficiences of 3D treatment planning are superior to any other diagnostic protocol.

Failed Treatments

In our practice, treatment failures can actually be predicted for most patients. Patients learn, first hand, how to "read" their ctscan and "understand" what the current treatment needs are... and the most efficient (economical) means for defining the permanent outcome they want.

In House Temporaries

Dentures, Crowns, Bridgework, Dental Implants, Mini Implants (for a denture), Crown Replacements and Bite Correction are all achieved with unique combinations of provisional and permanent dental products that assures a treatment outcome that every patients wants.

Unforeseen Dental Treatment Needs

This event is a major factor for dentistry becoming problematic.

In our practice, nothing is "unforeseen" due mainly to Dr. Nazarian's use of 3D Diagnostic Imaging, his use of CAD/CAM based analytic software and the technical data generated that "explains" most bite problems.

Potential tissue problems (bone and/or gums) are revealed and "known" before treatment is started, as are bite problems that commonly cause a painful denture, bridgework that becomes loose, crowns that fall off or implants that become uncomfortable.

Fact Summary = Basis for the Treatment Plan

The summarizing or outlining of the patient's current dental treatment needs includes a discussion of the available treatment choices at each step. Best case scenario treatments are usually recommended for tissue related issues while cosmetic outcome choices offer the greatest options.

At the end of the treatment planning session, the patient undertands the unique progression of steps through the treatment, along with a knowledge of what products and protocols will be used at each level.

Because "dental surprises" cannot emerge, Dr. Nazarian's sequencing skill delivers all treatments in one, easy appointment.

Comprehensive Time Element

In cases where a patient is concerned about the time element for comprehensive treatments, a menu of sedation support services is routinely provided to assure any degree of comfort and relazation desired by the patient.

Whether Oral Conscious or I.V., dental sedation provides the "bonus" of making long dental appointments seem like 15 minutes.


Dr. Nazarian can be contacted directly, via email, with our online Contact form. He will respond directly to any questions about the material on this page or elsewhere on our website.

To schedule a consultation, please call (248) 457-0500 or use our online Consult Request.

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