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Troy Periodontitis Management

Gingivitis Tissue Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment

Inflammed or diseased gums, for most of us, starts out as something unnoticeable and perhaps even benign. Cases that begin as uneventful will, with almost absolute certainty, develop into something that is very noticeable. A significant majority of the adult population, 75% - 80%, have gum (periodontal) disease.

Severe gum disease Troy photo
Severe Disease: Bone and Tooth Loss
Unfortunately, yet quite naturally, most people start out attributing early signs of inflammed, puffy or swollen gums to over-brushing, eating spicey foods, not brushing enough, etc. Although the devastation to bone and supportive tissues is ongoing... there really aren't any obvious cues or clues to what is going on deep within soft tissue and bone.

A more ironic viewpoint is that younger patients are more prone to have "symptom free disease conditions" than older patients... who have had more time to acquire or develop more cumulative symptoms. Bleeding gums, shifting teeth or even mobile, loose teeth are the frightening signs that spur people into action.

The accumulation of serious symptoms that involve apparent tissue damage is the hallmark of Severe Periodontitis. For many patients, avoidance behavior may still be operating. Avoidance to obtain an accurate diagnosis... and an avoidance of getting treatment.

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In general terms... the more we exercise our right to avoid things we don't like ... the cumulative effects of not treating gum disease become more destructive and can cause loss of tissues (bone, connective tissue, gums and tooth structures) that may not be replaceable.

Reversing - Halting - Reconstructing

Ongoing advancements in Dental Science provide new adaptions of older proven methods and technologies and has created many newer treatments for eradicating gingivitis and actually reversing tissue damage for some patients.

Patients with more severe symptoms have options to quite literally stopping the active disease process and begin a reconstructive plan for replacing or rebuilding certain lost tissues. Soft and hard tissue grafting products provide a wide range of methods of creating the infrastructure that supports natural or new porcelain based tooth structures.

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Technology Choices

Dr. Nazarian provides all of our patients with diagnostic and treatment choices that assure they are either gingivitis free or on their way to halting and possibily reversing damage that has already occured.

A variety of antibacterial rinses are provided for early stages of gingivitis. Very noninvasive and simple to self-administer (actually quite refreshing, as rinses tend to be).

Arestin and Periostat are periodontal antibacterial agents that Dr. Nazarian routinely provides for treating different stages of mild and moderate disease conditions.

Antimicrobial compounds are also available to our patients who prefer to avoid traditional root scaling treatments that can be quite unappealing. Custom pharmaceuticals enable patients to arrest and possibly reverse the soft tissue and connective tissue degradation that is associated with different degrees of gingivitis and periodontitis.

Reconstruction: Troy Rehabilitative Replacement Dentistry

diseased tooth loss cure
Successful Teeth - Arch Replacement
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Our patients have access to a number of additional technologies for assessing and diagnosing treatment needs many patients want, depending on the level of need after successful treatment of periodontal disease.

Bone grafting, soft tissue grafting, traditional dental implants, mini dental implants, overdentures, immediate dentures and fixed bridges are available in nearly any combination needed to precisely deliver the dental function and cosmetic result our patients want.

Discover the Options

Gingivitis cure
New Teeth - Good Looks and New Bite
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In the area of treatment for different stages of gingivitis and periodontitis... available options for treatment diminish with time. Learn more about what can be done today to reinstate optimal oral health or what can be done to rebuild what may already be failing.

Call our office at (248) 457-0500 to schedule a consultation or use our on-line Consult Request. A staff member will contact you.

Patients who have specific questions or the need for objective information about soft tissue disease or any material on this page are invited to contact Dr. Nazarian directly with our Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Nazarian will respond to you directly with the answers you are seeking.

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