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Advanced Subperiosteal Jawbone Rehabilitation

Embedded Implants

Lower Jaw Issues

More and more long term denture wearers are becoming aware of the unfortunate possibility that a denture retreatment may not be possible due to disappearing bone.

In some cases, on the lower jaw, a few implants can be sometimes successfully placed in key areas that can be used to hold a denture in place. The lower jaw typically has dense areas of bone that can be used for a few implants.

Patients with a paper thin ridge of bone or a nearly flat ridge may have difficulty finding successful treatment options.

Upper Jaw Bone Characteristics

The upper jaw is characteristically more porous than the lower law. As patients age, there is a higher risk of upper jawbone becoming more porous and can jeopardize the success of dental implant surgery.

The bone porosity issue has especially affected many denture patients seeking mini dental implant treatments for the upper jaw. Mini Implants don't function as well as traditional implants in the upper jaw due to the physical properties of thin implants.

Meth Mouth Xerostomia
Porous Upper (Maxillary) Bony Ridge
They simply don't have sufficient surface area necessary for successful osseointregration for some patients.

Porosity Prevents Traditional Implants

The adjacent picture presents the appearance of healthy oral tissues with a seemingly homogenous and symmetrical ridge of bone required for a denture.

Unfortunately, when this female patient sought retreatment for her loose denture, she was diagnosed to have an extreme degree of porosity that eliminated the opportunity for traditional implant surgery. The high porosity creates a spongey-like quality of bone.

Subperiosteal Implant Solution

While cylindrical implants fail in spongey bone, a treatment protocol that embeds a titanium framework designed for denture attachment does exist, being performed on a regional basis by a few specialists throughout the country.

Meth Mouth Xerostomia
Coated Embedable Framework

Optimized for Osseointegration

The frame is titanium with all imbedable surfaces coated with the same materials used on many traditional dental implants.

Surgical Placement

An extended perioflap is created and retracted enough to expose the underlying bony ridge and the base of the ridge. The framework, which is developed from a Ctscan, fits snugly against the bone material and is mechanically fastened with titanium screws.

Submerged in bone
Bone Graft Placement
A specialized mix of gelatinized bone graft material is then packed into the area in a fashion that creates a fully submerged framework.

The soft tissues are repositioned into the original locations and neatly sutured into place. The uncoated portion of the frame can be seen to emerge from the gum tissues, providing the attachment areas for a new denture prosthesis.

At the completion of osseointegration the frame is embedded in solid bone.

Solid bone imbedding
Exposed Titanium Attachment Area

New Teeth in One Appointment

A temporary denture is worn by the patient immediately after the completion of surgery. At no time is the patient without functioning teeth.

The underside of the denture, pictured here, shows the positioning of the snap-on clips that will assure the best snug fit for normal dental function.

Easy to remove and easy to snap onto the titanium bar. Daily removal of the denture enables the patient to easily remove food debris, especially while the sutures are in place.

Solid bone imbedding
Easy to Use Snap On Attachment Clips
Within a few weeks, the sutures are removed to promote thorough healing of all gingival areas.

During the osseointegration period (2-3 months) a diet of soft foods is followed to assure no unusual "biting events" occur.

Subperiosteal Success

For this patient, full osseointegration was completed in about 4 months. She now enjoys the ability to eat anything she desires without fear of her denture slipping, rocking, clicking or being painful.

Snapin False Teeth
One Appointment New Teeth
Being able to laugh freely and smile broadly is as spontaneous as it once was. Her ability to make normal speech sounds are incident free.

Patient Comments

I have had dentures for over 30 years and have had a couple relinings and a couple of new dentures in this period of time. The last time I went for a relining it was told that nothing could be done except to have a new denture made. Because of much bone loss and many different dentists and no hope in sight, I was referred to you.

Because of the bone loss, you gave me only one solution that might help me. You told me of a thing called Subperiosteal Implants. Your information and professional attitude educated me in what you could do for me and gave me hope.

You understood what I was looking for and needed, yet knowing that you desired that as much as I. Your encouragement of success and the care you gave me carried me through the process.

I thank God and you for giving me a new wonderful smile. I thank you once again for such care you gave me. I love my new smile.

K.B. in Royal Oak


Call our office at (248) 457-0500 to schedule a consultation or use our on-line Consult Request to get treatment details of this treatment procedure.

Patients who have specific questions about information on this page or other concerns about unusual bone loss conditions are invited to contact Dr. Nazarian directly with our Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Nazarian will respond to you directly with the answers or information you are seeking.

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