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Reconstructive and Cosmetic Teeth Replacement Concepts

Troy Same Day Tooth Replacements

No one enjoys being toothless... whether it is a single tooth, a span of missing teeth... or an entire arch.

Unfortunately there continues to be a large segment of the dental patient population that being toothless while being treated for a number of different dental conditions is normal. That is not the case.

Immediate Replacement Technologies Do Exist

Bar fight broken extracted teeth
Physical Trauma
Missing Anterior Front Teeth
There are numerous technologies and advanced dental products available today that enable reconstructive dentists and specialists (oral surgeon, periodontist, prosthodontist) to provide treatment choices for patients that can almost guarantee they never leave the office without teeth.... regardless of what conditions are being treated.

In our practice, the events causing the extraction are matched with two sets of technologies (procedures + products) to develop the most sensible treatment choice (financial resources, function, cosmetics, longevity). See below for more detail.

A missing tooth caused by trauma, for example, would have different treatment choices than if the same tooth is missing due to a congenital defect.

Most dentists who have the greatest access to technologies can be expected to have the creativity to develop tooth replacement options that are not available with those dentists (or practices) who are not up-to-date with the current state of dentistry in the US.

Common Tooth Loss Events

Extra Tooth Extraction
Extra Tooth Extraction
Just about everyone, at one time or other, goes through the experience of losing a tooth or, for some, several teeth.

Our first photo here shows what can happen to anterior teeth in a fighting match. The patient has had bone grafting and tissue grafting completed which will, over a few months, will be regenerating new bone for future implants.

Common Causes

  • Physical Trauma
  • Anterior Extractions
  • Bad Extraction Surgery
    Bad Oral Surgeon Extractions
    Bone Damage
  • Congenital Defects (missing anteriors, bicuspids, etc)
  • Congenital Syndromes
  • Failed Root Canals
  • Bridge Failures
  • Old Crowns with severe leakage
  • Multiple Cavities (severe)
  • Periodontitis (gum disease)
  • Jaw Edentulation (removal of all teeth in an upper or lower arch)
  • Bad Dentistry

One Day Replacement Teeth Choices

Periodontitis Disease No Teeth Extractions
Adult Gum Disease - Periodontitis
Fixed Bridge Edentulation
While it is customary and expected for patients to investigate or request information about a certain type of tooth replacement treatment, many of our patients discover that Dr. Nazarian has suggestions that many folks aren't yet aware of.

The choice of procedure technologies can include one or more of:
  • Immediate Load (one day) Implants
  • Implant Supported Bridges
  • Mini Implants (Imtec, Sterngold)
  • Bone Compressing Implants
    (NobelActive, Ocobiomedical: minimize need for grafts)
  • Overdentures
  • Bone Grafts
  • Socket Grafting
  • Sinus Lifts and Grafting(complex upper tooth extraction - replacement
  • Maryland Bridge
  • All-On-Four
  • Guided Implants
  • Immediate Dentures
  • Palateless No Gag Denture
  • Custom Partials
  • Proprietary Flipperless - Flipper
The above listed procedural technologies are matched by Dr. Nazarian and the patient with one or more of the following product technologies:

  • Nobel Biocare Porcelain (PIB, C&B)
  • Biohorizons
  • 3i
  • Captek Crowns
  • Lava Porcelain
  • Procera Ceramics
  • Composites and Acrylics
  • Titanium, Zirconia
  • Puros, Allograft, Bioplant, Alloderm
Dr. Nazarian's access to modern dentistry resources, for many patients, enable them to create an imaginative treatment solution to overcome the embarrassment of being toothless. Matching the right treatment procedures with the right product can recreate the dental function or cosmetic value that is commonly lost due to extractions ... all in the same day.

No one should expect or accept being toothless.

Questions and Answers

Tooth replacement dentistry can be complex and sometimes confusing, especially when more than one treatment choice is available. Patients with special circumstances are invited to contact Dr. Nazarian for understanding more about treatment possibilies.

Call our office at (248) 457-0500 to schedule a consultation or use our on-line Ask The Dentist form to submit your questions directly to Dr. Nazarian. He will respond to you directly with the answers or information you need to evaluate what YOUR best optons are.

MI Reconstructive Implant Dentistry
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