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Troy Safe Smile Whitening Choices

It all started with Brite Smile several years ago.

Discus Dental Whitening Products Kits In-office whitening services became very popular. Fast, efficient and powerful. Knock your socks off whitening that, at that time, was the best that money could buy.

Then the Zoom product line became a popular bleaching product, thanks to the TV program, Extreme Makeover. Zoom is now probably the most well known chair side whitening system. More affordable for the patient, easier to administer for the dentist.

Tooth Sensitivity

As more and more people started using Zoom whitening products, Discus Dental discovered the need to alter the gel formula. More people were reporting sensitivity issues after treatment, despite being professionally applied (home application of strong whitening formulations can be troublesome for some people).

Since then, Discus Dental has revised the original formula a 3rd time... which is now reported to be an improved product that reduces the potential for tooth sensitivity issues.

Dr. Nazarian became aware of the biochemical changes that occur with light activated gel products early on. Because the enamel and dentin characteristics of teeth vary for each person and is practically unpredictable, it was decided our office would provide professional whitening services and products that posed the least or no risk for causing tooth sensitivity problems.

The light used in "laser whitening" (actually a misnomer) is powerful and causes an evaporation of natural tooth moisture, thereby causing changes to the tubules within the dentin. The process of the tubules returning to normal diameter and the presence of bleaching agents is the physical event that precipitates the tooth sensitivity issue.

Pola White - Zero Sensitivity

Pola White Chair Side Power Whitening
Pola Professional Chair Side
Power Whitening
Patients seeking a non-invasive whitening product with results that compare directly with the nationally advertised light activated gel types are treated with Dr. Nazarian's favorite, PolaWhite.

Very powerful and designed to be used only by a dentist.... tooth sensitivity problems are factually a non event for our patients. The actual treatment time is only 30 minutes, compared to the famous "one hour whitening" brands.

Speed, power and convenience of one visit treatment... without the threat of sensitivity issues makes this product the most popular choice of our teeth whitening patients wanting dramatic changes in the brightness of their smiles.

Maintaining the whiteness shade (defined by the patient) may only be needed once per year for most people. Pola White is available in take-home kits also that makes home whitening easy.

Discus Dental NiteWhite

Stop Prevent Tooth Sensitivity
Overnight: Safe and Powerful
Dr. Nazarian also promotes and uses the less invasive whitening alternative made by the makers of the Zoom product line, NiteWhite. The newest product version now contains a unique formulation of Amorphous Calcium Phosphate which quickly facilitates the bleaching process and then converts to a mineralizing agent.

The bleaching compound formula is powerful, exceeds the efficiency of over-the-counter products and is designed to be used as an over-night treatment, using custom bleaching trays.

Patients can literally design their own schedule of whitening maintenance. A Turbo kit is available, containing a yet stronger formula for more rapid results.


Call our office at (248) 457-0500 to schedule a consultation or use our on-line Consult Request to learn more about teeth whitening chemistry and/or the physical properties of your teeth to assure you can easily avoid the tooth and gum sensitivity problems associated with using the wrong products.

Patients who have specific questions about teeth bleaching issues or need additional information about any material on this page are invited to contact Dr. Nazarian directly with our Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Nazarian will respond to you directly with the answers you seek.

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