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Troy Comprehensive Dental Care

One Roof Total Treatment Delivery

No outside referrals
Convenient Treatment Choices
Dr. Nazarian's activities as a professional dental seminar leader, developer and dental technology evaluator for over 10 years places him at the leading edge of the unrelenting changes in dentistry.

More importantly, for his patients, he is able to develop and deliver treatments that not only use the most advanced products and technologies available but eliminate the need for costly visits to the "usual specialists" used by the average general dentist.

Dentures and Partials

Tooth extractions, regardless of number, are competed quickly and non-invasively. Unique instruments and protocol enable Dr. Nazarian to remove as many as 32 teeth in less than 30 minutes.

Treatment Example
Under One Roof + One Appointment
No anxiety comfort
No anxiety comfort
No anxiety comfort
No anxiety comfort
No outside referrals to oral surgeons or periontists. Bone grafting and cosmetic suturing are provided routinely that can efficiently replace what has been lost for most patients.

Our patients never leave our office with the "toothless look." Functional temporaries are fabricated in our office to replace whatever tooth or teeth treatment is being provided, without exception.

Gum Disease Issues

Dr. Nazarian's methods for non invasive, rapid extractions and periodontal tissue manipulation produce the results patients want for overcoming damaged tissues and all degrees of teeth replacement. For many, these comprehensive treatments are delivered in one appointment.

Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Today's growing use and ongoing development of Cone Beam CTscans enables Dr. Nazarian to recommend the most efficient treatment that can eliminate the prospect of using the "wrong" conservative treatment for nearly any treatment need.

Healthy bone is the foundation for solid, functional teeth that can last a lifetime. CTscans provide a 3D assessment of existing tissue, clearly indicating wise treatment choices that won't require retreatment.

Common treatment failures including failed root canals, failed crowns, ill fitting dentures and partials and loose bridgework become a thing of the past for many of our patients.

Jaw Bone Surgery

Implant surgery and bone tissue augmentation is a seminar topic that Dr. Nazarian is well known for. His working knowledge of "up to the moment" advances in dental science are used, uniquely, for each patient that produces a rock solid foundation for replacing one, many or all teeth, regardless of unusual bone loss conditions.

Socket grafts, GTR membranes, ridge splitting, bone compression and computer guided bone leveling produces results that most dentists are not even aware of yet.

Comfortable Dentistry for Everybody

No anxiety comfort
Patient Defined Relaxation
Dr. Nazarian uses a wide variety of medication products and protocols that makes it easy to assure a comfortable treatment experience regardless of treatment need.

Our hospital grade I.V. Sedation services (including a certified Sedation RN) is a popular service for our patients who simply want to sleep through treatment in total comfort.

Our full service sedation support makes it easy, very easy, for patients to have all of their treatments completed in one appointment. No more frequent office visits for multiple treatments that typically require patients to miss work.

Crown and Bridge

All of the treatments involved with routine crown and bridge dentistry, regardless of the number of teeth being treated, are usually performed in one appointment. Temporaries are made "in house" while the final restorations are delayed to provide ample time for adjustments.

Accelerated Adult Orthodontics

The orthodontic treatment plans created for Dr. Nazarian's adult patients typically do not exceed 6 months. Access to advanced treatment protocols and products give our patients the choice of completing full orthodontic treatment success in a fraction of the time typically required.

Michigan Reconstructive Implant Dentistry
Ara Nazarian, D.D.S.
1857 East Big Beaver Road
Troy MI 48083
(248) 457-0500 - Fax: (248) 457-0501
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