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Upper Maxillary Implant Tissue Dynamics

Jaw Bone Tissue Characteristics: The Differences

Many, if not most, patients discover the differences in bone quality between the upper and lower jaws that can be a heart breaking experience for those who are looking forward to replacing upper teeth as routinely replacing lower teeth.

Differences in Upper Lower Jawbones Quality
D1 = Least Porous (Best)
D4 = Most Porous (Poor)
Mini implants, for example, are an extremely efficient, popular and minimally invasive product for securing denture prosthetics for the lower jaw (mandible).

For upper jaw placement, porosity issues can cause mini's to be prone to failure. For this reason, many dentists will refrain from recommending them for upper dentures.

The Bone Porosity Chart pictured here depicts the different areas of porosity across different regions of the upper and lower jaws.

Training, Skill, Talent and Access

Reconstructive dentists, implant periodontists and oral surgeons who have the greatest access to technologies therefore will use a wide range of implant products and materials that easily accommodate the differences in bone quality.

Common Sinus Cavity Issues: Upper Teeth Treatments

Troy Sinus Lift Graft Procedure
Resorbed bone at extraction site
One of the most common "surprise" events to occur when upper teeth are treated is the discovery or surprise that a Sinus Lift Procedure is needed (not just recommended).

Because of the bone porosity issues that ALL patients have concerning the upper jaw, routine treatments that might include extractions, deep fillings, root canals and dental implant surgery can cause a breach or perforation of the thin layer of bone that separates the sinus cavity and upper jawbone ridge.

Reconstructive dentists and Implant Periodontists who routinely perform implant surgeries are able to treat these events WHILE implant site preparation procedures are already underway.

In our office, Dr. Nazarian (by virtue of being a recognized dental technology author and lecturer) has access to and provides Sinus Lift treatments (fix for the sinus breach) that are the least invasive compared to other sinus lift procedures commonly used.

Pictured here is an animated visual outline demonstrating how the procedure is performed with precision, simplicity and utmost convenience. No referrals to specialists (periodontists, oral surgeons). To view a larger version click here.

While most accomplished implantologists will recognize the need to augment the layer of bone separating the upper jawbone and the sinus cavity for nearly any procedure prior to surgery, more often than not, many dentists don't learn of the complication until it has occurred.

Precision Diagnostics

Unfortunately, most patients who have undegone complex treatments for the upper jaw don't learn of sinus cavity breach and complications until it has occurred.

Although Sinus Lift Surgeries can be provided as a post treatment (subsequent to extractions, implant surgery, complicated root canals, difficult fillings), nothing surprasses the ability to diagnose the condition early so the procedure(s) are provided concurrently rather than as a subsequent, follow up treatment.

Troy Sinus Cavity Grafting Procedure
Sinus Lift Completed
New Bone Encases Implant

Preventing a Blip from Becoming a Major Event

Providing Sinus Lift bone grafting procedures that are least invasive and provide the best level of success quickly serve to accelerate the completion of whatever reconstructive services are underway.

Patients who are at risk for sinus floor perforations should be made aware of this event before it even happens. Precision diagnostics and preparedness of the dental surgeon minimizes this treatment need to almost a non-event.


Call our office at (248) 457-0500 to schedule a consultation or use our on-line Consult Request to learn more about sinus complications or treatments for overcoming the limitations of upper jaw bone porosity.

Patients who have specific questions about the material appearing on this page are invited to contact Dr. Nazarian directly with our Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Nazarian will respond to you directly with the answers or information you are seeking.

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