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Porcelain Veneer Dentistry

Premium Dental Cosmetics

Dental bonding and veneer dentistry have become one of the most popular smile design treatments currently available. Specialized Post Graduate training centers, including the Las Vegas Institute and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry have developed training resources that focus entirely on the Makeover Experience made popular on ABC TV.

Celebrity Style Veneer Makeover
The Rule of Golden Proportions is becoming more widely understood and requested by consumers who especially want to reshape their smile lines, a principle that if closely followed, can create a result so close to perfect that it appears natural.

As with everything else in dentistry.... it is the NOT the skill (a learned behavior) of bonding a veneer product that determines the outcome of treatment... in terms of cosmetic result and long term endurance.

The successful veneer makeover is determined primarily by the talent and creativity of the dentist (acquired through extensive experience) and the access to popular, proven veneer technologies.

To learn more of what can go wrong, go bad or simply fail in veneer dentistry, review our Veneer Repair page on this website.

Different Types - Different Cosmetics

Rule of Golden Proportion Patients need to be aware that there are numerous veneer technologies and laminate materials that skilled dentists can use to create the attractive cosmetic outcomes they want. Unfortunately... many dental practices only offer a single type of porcelain veneer.

Anyone seeking veneer treatments should be aware that that while different types and brands of porcelain veneers can achieve a variety of cosmetic goals for patients.... there is no single veneer product that provides the best of everything.

Rule of Golden Proportion Non invasive, minimally invasive, no prep and low prep tooth preparation are rapidly becoming associated with certain types of veneer products.

Many porcelain veneer practices offer standard veneers and premium grade feldspathic veneers that enable accomplished veneer dentists to reshape and resurface individual tooth structures with such precision that it can fool Mother Nature herself.

Veneer characteristics should be unique for nearly every tooth in a patient's smile line. Occlusal, biting and chewing forces differ from tooth to tooth.

The overall shape and degree of sizing change or change in length creates a level of fabrication complexity that is usually mastered by those dentists who have successfully treated severe or challenging cases (experience forms the basis of creativity and talent).

Extreme Makeover Types

The popular porcelain veneer products, including DaVinci, Eris and Empress, are outstanding products that can mimic natural tooth colors, shading and opalescence to an astounding degree. Feldspathic porcelain materials provide the necessary depth and density needed for achieving substantial color changes.

Premium feldspathic veneer products, as used with our young patient pictured here, provided all of the properties (within the veneer) that enabled Dr. Nazarian to completely reshape and redefine our patient's smile.

Notice, too, how the lower biting edges of the upper arch teeth have a curve line that matches the curve of the lower lip. This is the Smile Line principle that when created carefully can make an average smile into a truly gorgeous smile... It is determined primarily by the mathematical formula's within the Rule of Proportions.

Having a perfect Smile Line is the goal of all cosmetic reconstructive dentists who enjoy the challenges of smile reconstruction. The successful application of the formula for veneers, new crowns, bridgework, crown replacement and even individual dental implants is the heart of the makeover experience.

Low Prep Veneers

Other brands of veneers, such as Lumineers and Vivaneers, can provide an attractive cosmetic result that requires little or no tooth preparation. The veneer material is ultra thin and very functional. Thin shell veneers can be an excellent choice for patients who may have either compromised tooth enamel or sensitive teeth.

Veneers that mimic natural tooth appearance and shading understandably require a thicker veneer structure... thereby requiring more invasive treatment of the tooth to accommodate the veneer. Veneers that are micro-thin are ideal for preserving tooth structure... but don't offer the shading qualities of thicker veneers, appearing somewhat opaque.

Ugly teeth rehabilitation
Pre Treatment Diagnostic
Impression Model

Diagnostic Wax Up Modeling

Patients who are undergoing multiple veneer treatments that represents a makeover outcome typically undergo a Diagnostic WaxUp phase. This process involves the use of impressions and models that enable the doctor and patient to literally hand craft the desired smile.

Specialized veneer temporaries are created, enabling the patient to wear them for several days to a few weeks to assure ALL cosmetic goals are being achieved. Vigilence during this important step eliminates the incidence of mistakes.

Perfect Cosmetics
Full Mouth Reconstruction
Cosmetic Design Phase

Smile Design Principles Explained

Patients can select new color shades, resizing, changes in tooth shapes (masculine vs feminine vs youthful vs mature), thereby creating a custom smile redesign.

In many instances, premium veneers can overcome the cosmetic problems associated with a Reverse Smile Line, an unusual situation where the smile line is essentially upside down and creates the appearance of frowning.

Our last 2 smile line correction treatment photos demonstrate the importance of having a normalized smile line. Notice how the incisal (biting) edges of the patients upper teeth do not arc whatsoever, and actually show a potential reversal (other cases can be more dramatic).

Unnatural Smile Line
Proportion Rule Aesthetics
Notice too how the patient has learned to restrict her smile as evidenced by what seems to be a forced smile (the natural curvature of the lower lip is missing).

Veneer makeovers that carefully include and apply all of the principles of sequential sizing in width and length create the magic of what the text book defines as the perfect smile.

The final after photo pretty much speaks for itself. The procedure makeover led to the patient regaining her natural smile behavior and now has, once again.... a gorgeous smile that we are all capable of having.

This phenomenon is called the "makeover experience" event that changes the way we feel about ourselves... and project ourselves.

Attractive Curve
Proportion Rule Aesthetics

Maximum Veneer Benefit

How well a patient benefits from the use of veneers is determined by the existing tooth structure and oral health habits of each person.

Dr. Nazarian offers a range of veneer treatments and products (Feldspathic, Lumineers, Vivaneers, Empress, Eris, etc) that can achieve practically any hollywood style effect desired.... or produce a change in orthodontic function and appearance to that can straighten almost any smile (instant orthodontics).

More Questions?

Veneer dentistry is a technique specific treatment. As such, prospective veneer patients should ask many questions, assure that Diagnostic Modeling is being implemented and request samples of veneer treatments performed for a specific cosmetic issue.

Questions about our choices and types of veneer treatments can be addressed to Dr. Nazarian during a consultation which can be scheduled on-line or by calling us at (248) 457-0500.

Dr. Nazarian can also be contacted more directly through our on-line Ask The Dentist form. You will receive a reply directly from the doctor.

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