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Troy Dental Procedure Video Library

Oakland Reconstructive Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

  • Total Full Mouth Rehabilitation

    Acrylic Teeth Versus Porcelain
    Click screen to watch
    Plagued with multiple oral disease issues that essentially destroyed all teeth, this patient elected to undergo treatments and procedures that would restore and replace what was lost. New bone tissue, new gum tissue and new teeth.

    Advanced instruments and treatment technologies were used to gain the greatest advantage for conserving costs while assuring the best possible endurance for teeth replacements that can last a lifetime. 3D xrays and planning software, osseointegration testing, computer generated surgery guides and specialized implant placement protocols were used.

  • Gum Disease Damage: Treatment Options

    New Teeth for Gum Disease
    Click screen to watch
    Gum disease can create many different degrees of damage. Let untreated, the disease process can attack gum tissues, periodontal ligaments (the tissues that keep teeth anchored in the jaw), bone surrounding each tooth and then, eventually the tooth itself.

    Teeth become loose and wobbly. Eating "normally" is impossible. Weak, wobbly teeth can damage healthy opposing teeth for many patients.

    Removal of all diseased tissue with subsequent bone and tissue augmentation can create a fresh and healthy foundation for new teeth that can last a lifetime.

  • Cosmetic Denture + Porcelain Bridge

    Acrylic Teeth Versus Porcelain
    Click screen to watch
    With today's advancements in acrylic denture fabrication processes and the ability now to have multiple choices of "denture teeth," our patients can discuss treatment plans that deliver the best possible outcome in terms of cosmetics that aren't possible with the "average" denture.

    For the patient pictured here, a combination of a custom grafting and implant placements prepared the lower jaw for a porcelain fixed bridge. The healthy upper jaw was fitted with a cosmetic style denture that matched the cosmetic quality of porcelain.

  • Tooth Replacements for Lost Teeth

    Bone Tooth Loss Cure Troy
    Click screen to watch
    Gum disease for adults is fairly common. Left untreated for too long can cause loss of tissue, bone and teeth. See a slide presentation showing Dr. Nazarian using grafting products and a custom milled titanium cantilevered bridge that enables the patient to have 10 new lower jaw teeth instead of only 5, given the number of implants used.

    Reconstruction of the upper jaw involved getting rid of the diseased tissue and then rebuilding the boney ridge and gingiva that was prepared for a cosmetic upper denture. Disease eradicated, new bone and new teeth throughout creates a great looking smile that feels just right.

  • Bone Leveling: Best Denture Fit

    Bone Level for Dentures
    Click screen to watch
    Preparing a patient's jaws for a new denture (or dentures) goes way beyond simple removal of old teeth. The health status of each tooth and corresponding attachment area determines the level of bone and amount of remaining gum tissue after each extraction. Each extraction routinely causes different amounts of tissue loss which is the principal factor for the bad fit problems many denture patients report.

    Dr. Nazarian's proprietary methods of extraction and sequenced tissue assessment assures that all high and low spots are eliminated throughout the arch, providing the firmest level and width of bone that is required for a great fitting denture.

  • Say NO to Lower Denture Teeth

    Better than Dentures
    Click screen to watch
    Denture wearers know all too well what can happen to jawbone mass and integrity. Simply stated, a jaw that has no natural teeth or implants will seemingly melt away. Excessive, but not total, extractions also cause bone loss for the same reason. Watch a slide presentation of how a denture wearer who had only 6 lower teeth (actually a cemented bridge on two anchor teeth) was able to avoid the usual recommendation of complete endulation and fitting for a lower denture.

    Dr. Nazarian used his proprietary procedures to create a ten (10) unit cantilivered bridge that is mounted to 5 strategically placed implants in new bone that was successfully grown - augmented in the anterior mandible.

    New upper denture teeth were fabricated to recreated a bite and occlusion the patient had not had in over 20 years.

  • Guided Implants: The Future of Dentistry is Here

    Implant Guide Biohorizons Misch Troy
    Click screen to watch
    A slide show video of Guided Implant dentistry in the posterior area of the upper (maxillary) jaw. Dr. Nazarian's use of a custom surgical guide all but eliminates some of the most common errors or mistakes that are commonly associated with free-hand placement of implants.

    Some posterior locations oftentimes present additional challenges to the overall treatment plan and can actually extend the treatment time. No invasive Periodontal Flap Surgery required.

  • Advanced Sinus Lift Grafting Surgery

    Implant Guide Biohorizons Misch Troy
    Click screen to watch
    An animated outline of special, minimally invasive instrumentation that permits Dr. Nazarian to perform bone graft surgery and agumentation of the sinus cavity floor when perforations occur with routine tooth extraction, deep fillings, root canals. Efficient and precise, sinus lift treatments eliminate the need to for a referral to a specialist and eliminates the event of treatment being stalled for implant dentistry.

    Our instrumentation represents the latest advancements in technologies that assure the least invasive services to restore optimal oral health.

  • Imtec Mini Dental Implants: Dentures

    Mini Dental Implants Imtec
    Click screen to watch
    Demonstration video produced by Imtec that provides a visual and narrated outline of their popular non surgical implant placement products and procedures, now becoming one of the most popular treatment choices for securing dentures and promoting jawbone health.

    Dr. Nazarian provides our patients the choice of the Imtec product and the Sterngold implant for getting the best function, feel and fit of upper and lower dentures.

  • Amalgam Removal: Silver Mecury Toxin Concerns

    Mercury Poison Toxin Remove Troy
    Click screen to watch
    Live surgery demonstration showing the protocol used in our office for the removal of unwanted amalgam tooth fillings on molars. See the process of removing silver-mercury type fillings and preparation of tooth surfaces for creating healthy bonds for total replacement with composite resins, non-metalic restorative materials.

    Tooth colored composite resins are used to create a more healthful, mercury free tooth filling.

  • Arestin

    Arestin is an antibiotic, minocycline, which is a member of the tetracycyine class of antibiotics.

    Arestion Photo
    Click screen to watch
    Minicycline exerts its antimicrobial activity by prohibiting ptotein synthesis of the bacteria and has been shown to be effective against the pathogens associated with periodontal disease. Arrestin is a powder that is blown into the pockets with a special syringe (plastic tube, not a needle). It maintains its therapeutic drug concentration for up to 21 days of administration.

    Click here to watch this animation that shows and discusses how Dr. Nazarian uses the product for his patients.

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